About Sleep Pea

Helping children learn to love sleep is like building a puzzle. Parents know what they want the big picture to look like, but taking a trial-and-error approach to get there can be frustrating.

At Sleep Pea, my goal is to provide parents with the support and knowledge they need to dramatically improve sleep habits for their child. Piece by piece, we work together toward completing the puzzle by creating positive sleep associations with an emphasis on developing healthy sleep habits for the long-term.

Since all children and families are unique, working with a sleep consultant helps personalize the sleep teaching process. As adults, we know breaking bad habits and negative associations can be daunting, frustrating and stressful. All Sleep Pea packages are designed to reassure parents during the sleep teaching process, enabling them to feel more relaxed and confident in their abilities to provide their child with the gift of sleep.

Beginning with a thorough assessment of each family’s individual environment and unique needs, we start building a solid foundation for sound sleep by discussing healthy sleep habits and why they are important for children at such a young age. All consultations include a personalized sleep plan with up to one month of counsel and support.

Most families see dramatic improvements in less than 3 days, and within two weeks almost all children sleep 11-13 hours at night, with 1-3 daytime naps.

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