Morgan’s Story


Morgan Griffith, Founder

Founded by Morgan Griffith, Sleep Pea is an infant and toddler sleep consultancy, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, serving families and their children nationwide.

Shortly after the birth of her first child, Morgan and her husband, Mike, knew their son needed many hours of sound, uninterrupted sleep but were at a loss for how to help him succeed. After endless Googling, numerous conversations with family and friends, and a few failed book purchases, they were introduced to a sleep consultant who assisted in developing a prescriptive plan for their infant.

Seeing immediate benefits, Morgan became passionate about sharing her experience with family, friends and acquaintances. She also quickly realized opportunities to refine and personalize the process of learned sleep for parents with infants and toddlers and began developing the Sleep Pea approach.

Nearly a decade later, Morgan has helped hundreds of families throughout the United States and globally. Her expertise includes sleep science and behavioral modification techniques, basic counseling for infant and toddler development, secure attachment theory and support of breastfeeding mothers. Morgan’s has extensive experience working with children 8 weeks to 5 years of age, including siblings of varying ages as well as multiples.

Now, with three children of her own and a proclaimed “miracle worker” to many, Morgan has the knowledge and proven techniques to help support you in your choice to give your child the gift of healthy sleep habits for months and years to come.

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