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Top five sleeping issues for young kids
Sleep expert Morgan Griffith shares how parents can help their kids get the amount of sleep they need.


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Sticking to a Sleep Schedule During Summer


MARCH 8, 2018

Adjusting Kids’ Sleep Schedules for Daylight Savings Time

 SouthCharlotte-logo[1] OCTOBER 26, 2017

Sleep Pea helps young children doze off



footer-logo@2x[1] August 16, 2017

Tips to help get back in the bedtime routine for school


footer-logo@2x[1] June 12, 2017

Kids and summer sleep



 March 20, 2017

Myth busting: Baby sleep edition



 March 2, 2017

Top reasons kids have trouble sleeping


WBT Charlotte's News Talk

CLT at 6: Sleep Consultant Can Help Get Kids To Sleep and Stay Asleep

 CA-logo@2x[1]  January 31, 2017

How Morgan Griffith moved from corporate PR to baby sleep consulting


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