The Sleep Pea Approach


Based on personal experience, I believe that healthy sleep is one of the greatest gifts parents can give a child. As a learned behavior, sleep can be taught in a short period of time, with benefits lasting for months and years to come. Most importantly, healthy sleep habits can be taught in a loving, compassionate and nurturing manner, empowering parents to better understand their child’s sleep needs while enabling children to get the rest they deserve.


It’s no secret that children thrive on consistency, but sometimes the hardest part about parenting is reinforcing a united front so your child – even in infancy – doesn’t receive mixed messages. Before you choose a sleep training program, make sure you, your partner and any caregivers are on the same page about the goals you hope to achieve for your child. Be prepared to make a commitment and keep it; wavering will only cause more confusion, frustration and negative associations for your child.


To help create a personalized sleep plan for your child it’s important for me to better understand your family. Every sleep consultation begins with a thorough, judgment-free assessment of your family’s individual environment and unique needs. We discuss all the elements that impact your child’s daily routine, including nutrition, medical concerns, childcare challenges and work schedules. From there, we discuss healthy sleep habits and why they are important for your child at such a young age. Keeping your family’s unique needs in mind, we work together to develop a personalized sleep plan for your child and discuss how to effectively implement that plan.


While I can provide the support and knowledge parents need to implement a personalized sleep plan, parents ultimately drive true success. My role – addressing and correcting your child’s negative sleep associations – is the easy part. Your role – consistently reinforcing healthy sleep habits for the long term – takes awareness, commitment and dedication. Ultimately, once you and your child have experienced sweet, uninterrupted sleep, it will be difficult to imagine life was ever any different!

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