Diaper Downer: The Nighttime Leaks

Posted on Sep 23, 2015 |

It’s a crummy feeling, really, walking into your little one’s nursery only to find them soaked up to their chest in urine. And here you were ready to celebrate 12-plus hours of uninterrupted nighttime sleep!


Leaky diapers are more than a pesky clean-up – they’re downright sad.


And if you’re like most parents, it doesn’t take but one or two wet wake-ups to set you on an all-out search for the gold-standard of leak-proof diapers.


Cue the keywords ‘best nighttime diaper’ and shake up that social media network. You’re on a mission!


Oh, but wait. As your search and query results pour in, you’re suddenly feeling overwhelmed. Words like, supreme; pure and natural; snug and dry; and gentle ultra start filling up the page. What on Earth is the difference?


And then more: “Cloth diapers worked for us!” “My kids wore these.” “Have you tried a maxi pad? I haven’t, but I heard they work wonders!” “Have you heard about the diaper-free movement? If you try it, let me know!”


It’s a diaper! How hard can it be?


From a sleep-training perspective, and as a parent myself, I sympathize. Unfortunately, as with anything baby-related, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But, here are two simple tips you can try:


Size Up

Purchase a bag or box of nighttime/12-hour diapers one size up from the diapers you use during the daytime. Right off the bat, you’re adding a material designed for increased absorption over a longer period of time, as well as more surface area.


Add a Booster Pad

Yes, there is such a thing! A diaper booster pad (or super absorbent maxi pad, if you’re so inclined) is a great option – especially for children who are simply too small to size-up. The boosters tend to make the diaper a bit bulkier, so make sure the diaper still fits well around the legs to help avoid leaks.


Either way, don’t be quick to make wet, leaky diapers an excuse for waking up your soundly-sleeping child at night.

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