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Sleep is Like a Puzzle

Posted on Feb 1, 2019

When it comes to teaching healthy sleep habits, I talk a lot about building a puzzle – ensuring you’ve got all the elements you need and successfully piecing them together. The good news: in normally developing children, Mother Nature has provided the individual puzzle pieces that allow for healthy sleep. They’re all there! Nothing needs to be designed or recreated. In other words, your child – infant, toddler or otherwise – is fully...

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How Much Sleep Does a Child Need?

Posted on Mar 16, 2018

This National Sleep Foundation info-graphic is one of my favorite resources when it comes to determining how much sleep a child needs at any given age. Instead of using this data to make you feel better about your child’s potential sleep loss, use it to set some goals for healthier habits! IF you’re in the mindset of wanting to maximize your child’s sleep potential, here are a couple of Sleep Pea tips for using this info-graphic and...

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During a recent trip to Whole Foods, a small, strategically-placed package of chocolate caught my eye at check-out. The label said the product had 1mg of melatonin per piece, and users should take no more than four pieces. I had to laugh because, when it comes to chocolate, I have minimal restraint. “Watch out for that stuff,” cautioned the lady in line behind me. “Oh! You’ve tried it?” I asked. “No,” she said. “But people don’t use...

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Earlier Bedtimes Explained

Posted on Mar 4, 2017

There are a lot of misconceptions about sleep. One that I frequently encounter is the idea that children need to be exhausted before they can fall asleep. Most of the families I work with are well informed about the importance of establishing a set bedtime and following a routine leading up to “lights-out.” Unfortunately, their little ones don’t always comply. Among infants, parents frequently report their little ones are either...

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Twice a year around Daylight Savings Time I find myself muttering, “fall back, spring forward,” just to make sure I’ve got my head (correctly) wrapped around the time change. It’s “fall back” this time around, so we’re about to set our clocks back one hour. Theoretically, that means we get an extra hour of sleep! Theoretically, yes. Realistically, no. Realistically, we’ll be helping our little ones through the time change before we...

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