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The words “time change” have a way of making parents cringe. If things have been going well for you and your child sleep-wise, the last thing you need is a schedule change. If your days and nights have been choppy and unpredictable, you’re probably feeling cautiously optimistic that a time change will work in your favor. Here’s some good news: while an hour of time change can certainly take a toll on our bodies, it typically takes...

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Diaper Downer: The Nighttime Leaks

Posted on Sep 23, 2015

It’s a crummy feeling, really, walking into your little one’s nursery only to find them soaked up to their chest in urine. And here you were ready to celebrate 12-plus hours of uninterrupted nighttime sleep!   Leaky diapers are more than a pesky clean-up – they’re downright sad.   And if you’re like most parents, it doesn’t take but one or two wet wake-ups to set you on an all-out search for the gold-standard of leak-proof...

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When to Wake a Sleeping Baby

Posted on Jul 12, 2015

“Never wake a sleeping baby!” Always true? Not a bit. Newborns and infants sleep a lot. Unfortunately, as most of us have found, not always at the right times. In the first 6-8 weeks of life, infants spend most of their days sleeping and many of their nights awake. Fortunately, there’s a reason to all of the confusion. Studies agree that, in addition to growing quickly and needing to be fed frequently, newborns spend those first weeks...

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